My Makeup Brands 2016 

So, makeup a necessity in a girl’s life.. 

These are the brands that kept me company throughout 2016..

Smashbox: I have been using it’s pink blusher. And absolutely loving it.. 

Mac: I have been using multiple things from this brand. From highlighter to lipstick to color corrector. You name it..

Clinique: You can’t have too many foundations. I have been using it’s superbalanced makeup foundation with it’s face powder and been having a blast.

Bobbi Brown: I think I used my Bobbi Brown foundation in the beginning days of 2016. Love it’s texture.. 

Maybelline: For daily home makeup I have been using up Maybelline’s FitMe foundation. I have finally figured how best to use it.. Lol. Along with that Baby Lips has kept my lips balmy.

Annabelle: For my home makeup I have been using Annabelle eyeshadows to keep my eyes made up. 

LA Colors: For lips I have been kept company by almost nude to nude to bright lip tones by LA Colors.. One problem I have with these lipsticks, they don’t go all the way in. If LAC changed that.. It would be awesome.. As my lipsticks have broken and smashed cos of the cap.. And my nails have been kept pretty by this brand as well. 

Estee Lauder: For parties and such I have kept this palette by EL handy. Love these neutral tones.

Sally Hanson: The other brand I have been using for my nails throughout 2016. 

Later on, I will add solo shots for the separate products.

Thanks for stopping by.



My Fortuitous Non-Blogging Life

Hello, I dont know for how long I have been gone this past year but I know it is not acceptable in the blog world and personally I am ashamed as well. 

To start things out well I would finally like to setup a schedule so that my blogging and personal life are managed. 

I want to post twice in a week: once on a Wednesday and once over the weekend.. If tine allows it I want to post two instead of one post over the weekend.. If I am lucky enough to draft them.. 

I am hoping I can manage that.

So how was 2016 for you all? My 2016 was full of married life responsibilities, a broken ankle, a miscarriage, physiotherapy lessons, some stressful days, some great days, wedding anniversary, and many many things and it has all been good. 

Ok then. See you soon. A signing off gift:



[Season Talk] The X-Files S10


I was so excited for this renewal of The X-Files but I think it wasn’t really that great. Only the first and the sixth episode really gave us any answers. But, oh well, it did its job. We were revealed of the truth by these two episodes. It might be a conspiracy within a conspiracy but that is what’s really happening. Continue reading

[Season Talk] Daredevil Season 2


I wanted to review the first season of Daredevil last year but I never got round to it. I loved it so much and it had me anticipating the second season really bad.


Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

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What I’ll Be Watching | 2016

Guys, hellooo, I am back.. I hope.. :p I have been sort of back on my other blog. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR. And I know you didn’t really miss me and don’t really care if I never wrote but oh well, here goes.. My anticipated shows and movies or the ones that will be loved by my eyeballs.

Jan 5: The Shannara Chronicles: Loving this book to tv series adaptation. The opening credits are freaking cool. I am loving the storyline.. And oh the cast. Looking forward to following this show…

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Monthly Wrap Up | August 2015


Hey y’guys! This is what I was up to all August in the entertainment department… 😛

The first movie for August was Jurassic World… It was quite good. Saw it with my mom and sis. [ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ]  Continue reading

The 25 Most Jennifer Lawrence Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Ever Done


Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. You’re the girl we can all imagine being best friends with, and you also happen to be a wildly famous Oscar-winning actress.

After a few years in the public eye, J.Law’s shtick is going strong: her swearing, her love of french fries, her clumsiness, her on-camera outbursts. Sure, some people might find her to be annoying or crass, but there’s no denying that she still reigns supreme as America’s BFF.

So, to celebrate Lawrence’s 25th birthday this Saturday, here’s a look at 25 classic moments that have shaped the J.Law brand.

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