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I found Doctor Strange a-okay. It was interesting because it featured Benedict Cumberbatch. And his signature talking style. Also, they tried to make it funny with Doctor Strange trying to be funny. Cast: 4/5 Acting: 3.5/5 Direction: 3/5 Plot/Story-line: 3/5 Attention Span: 3/5 Cinematography/Costume: 3/5 Ending: 4/5 The other thing I liked was the ending.… Continue reading [Movie Review] DOCTOR STRANGE

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[Season Review] SHADOWHUNTERS S02

This season was soo much better than the first season. The winter finale in itself was so great. It still isn't that faithful to the book but overall it is going great. I like that they can use the whole series so the producers have full reign over what they put in and don't put… Continue reading [Season Review] SHADOWHUNTERS S02

Review · Seasons; Drama; Marathon

[Season Review] How to Get Away with Murder S03

This series is so freaking great. This season as usual was soo good. <Spoiler> This season was different in the manner that this time someone in their group got murdered. The Breakdown: Cast: 4/5 Acting: 5/5 Direction: 4.5/5 Plot: 4/5 Attention Span: 5/5 Ending: 5/5 I love Laurie and when that happened I was sad… Continue reading [Season Review] How to Get Away with Murder S03