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Who doesn’t know Raven Symone…Anyone who follows Disney Channel does. I am a little old for Disney now haha. Anyway Raven stars in this new ABC family show ‘State of Georgia’. It airs every Wednesday. Three episodes have aired so far. I am going to watch the first ep today :p

TVD short for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ will begin its 3rd season in September. It’s in production nowadays. You can follow Ian and the rest of the cast on their twitter accounts.

Grey’s Anatomy¬† has been my favorite show ever. I believe the upcoming season will be the last one. Ellen and Patrick are gonna leave it after filming this season. I guess they should end it now… It’s time for them to end it with a bang..

Friends was an awesome show.One of my favorites. I was a follower of Brothers and Sisters. The show cancelled after airing five seasons. I am satisfied I guess.

P.S State of Georgia was disappointing; sorry to say………. I did laugh in some places but I was expecting much better.


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