Favorites; Random

Sleeping late at night…….

Whenever the season of vacations start my time to sleep late begins… Who doesn’t like to sleep late, doodling around and blah blah…

There are pros and cons of sleeping late though.. One is disoriented the rest of the day after sleeping all day.. I personally don’t like this routine but what the heck.. I still do it!!! :p

The Potter world is about to end – How many of you saw the UK premiere..? I loved it. Can’t wait for July 15..It will be sad though as I don’t want the whole thing to end. Hate twilight fever on MTV.. What is it with them giving every award to twilight franchise? arghhhh… They should name MTV “TTV” as in ‘Twilight TV’ hahaha…

Ooooh, one advantage of sleeping all day, you can skip the chores (but they keep piling up).  Your mum is upset that’s not good. One is sleepy even after sleepy the whole day..

I love the opening theme of ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King’. But I dunno the name of the song. Tried finding it but to no luck.


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