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Hate to Cook!!??

I dunno am I the only girl who hates to cook……??? I don’t hate to cook you know I just hate to work..:p I don’t like people badgering me to do something as I don’t feel like doing it if someone tells me to.. Weird???? I dunno.. That’s just who I am...I am crazy about gadgets, shoes, books, bags, rings!!!! I love to shop for bags, shoes and rings. I was talking about cooking and I got carried away arghhhh….

I can cook you know. But as I don’t do it constantly, I get to hear alot..:( Cooking should be fun. I want to cook only when I feel like cooking which rarely happens  😉

Anyway, I just want to at all times lay around, do my own thing you know  :p I should stop writing I guess.. Or I will say too much but I guess that’s the point. I say ‘I guess’ alot!!!! :p


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