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A lot on my calendar…

Hey so my ‘Sidereel ‘calendar is packed.. haha.. Love this site. My other normal calendar is also packed.. What with my final year of under-grad degree. This semester is hell tough – two 4-credit hour subjects.. 😦

Okay moving on.. I was excited for the new fall shows.. and also the returning series.. and the new shows that have me on my toes is topped by ‘Revenge’..

Man the pilot of the show was  awesome. I just love Emily Van Camp in her role as Emily Thorne seeking revenge on the woman who was her father’s lover. She believed her father was the bad man. Anyway the show started with a bang. The show started with her engagement announcement to the son of THAT woman. XP We are then taken five months earlier to see how it all started. Honestly I didn’t want the show to end. The first ep that is. I want to keep watching this show. Have to wait a week. 😦 Man. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Like the promo had me on the edge but no they started with a bang. I can seee I am repeating..:p

‘Ringer’ is the second show that has me hooked i guess. Like it didn’t impress me like Revenge did. But it still makes my list. Like it’s definitely better than ‘The Lying Game’ – if you know what I mean.  Sarah Michelle Geller is pretty. LOL. But that’s not the reason I am liking the show. Like ‘Revenge’ also has it’s fair share of beauty. I definitely recommend following this show.

‘Person of Interest’was goood. I am rooting for the show. Will keep following it.’Prime Suspect’ was okay. I guess I watched shows from the same genre all together so I am like this.

‘The Secret Circle’ doesn’t really make my that list but I love Thomas Dekker so am gonna watch it. ‘2 Broke girls’ is funny yeah I will watch it. ‘New Girl’ is a time pass honestly. I dunno what Zoey Deschanel is doing here. Yeah totally forgot about ‘Up All Night’. the baby is cute. The cast is funny. I love Christina Applegate. I am following this show too.

‘Unforgettable’ also premiered. I watched half of the first episode. It didn’t strike me. Same genre.

Now for the returning series premieres. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is my favorite show and it did it again. It returned with a two hour season premiere and I loved it. On it’s 8th season and I hope it keeps going on. Just love ‘Yang’ and everybody on the show.

How can I forget ‘The Vampire Diaries’. On it’s 3rd season and I love Stefan as the bad guy. He is looking cool. I hate Elena. LOL. I don’t like Damon’s hair this season. But I love Damon. :p Love what’s happening with Jeremy. Anna and Vicky returning as spirits is awesome. two episodes have aired already.

‘Nikita’ premiered this week with it’s second season.This show when you are watching it makes you like it. I am not sure if I like Nikita and Michael together. Love Alex. Still a worthwhile watching show and premiere.

‘90210’ is also not bad. Felt bad for Naomi. On it’s 4th season. I didn’t hate the start of this season.Looks promising.

‘Castle’ also returned with it’s 3rd season. Haven’t yet seen the ep. But have heard from my sister it wasn’t a bad start for a season..I don’t think I will be happy if Beckett and Castle get together.

Okay so I am like seriously waiting anxiously for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Falling Skies’. I fell in love with these two honestly. “TWD’ is coming this October. ‘FS’ went on hiatus only now so that’s a long wait. 😦

Oooh I also marathon-ed ‘Make It or Break It’. It’s a good show I have to admit. I love ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Can’t wait for the fairy tale wedding. :p

‘Victorious’ also passed through me. They are funny. I am a little old for it but what the hell. A laugh’s a laugh even coming form a kid. :p

Ha-ha I am soo glad ‘Nine Lives of Chloe King’ got cancelled. Sorry to the fans but I hated Skyler’s acting. I will admit the season finale was good it left me speechless but it was lame – the rest of the show I mean. The concept was good but the cast nah-uh..

I am following ‘Against The Wall’ and marathoning ‘Rizzoli & Isis’. Liking both these shows.

As far as movies go. I watched ‘Colombiana’. I only watched it cos of Zoe Saldana and her perfect stunts. It didn’t strike me that much when I first saw the trailer but was bored so gave it a go. XP Her stunts made it worthwhile. ooh btw i loved how she had tarined those dogs. awesome. The killings she did were done perfectly. I loved her signature – Katalia – The flower. She used to draw it on her victims/killers of fam. Awesome. :p LOL. I sound sick. Just saying from the gore perspective.

I think am done. As soon as new shows premiere. Will write soon.

Stay strong and healthy. May God Bless Us All.



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