Seasons; Drama; Marathon

New premieres.. and Returning Show[s]……

Terra Nova.. It was like jurassicpark-meets-avatar-meets-thefuture-meets-dinosaurs.. 😀
It was a game-like experience. Not bad. I am definitely sticking to it cos of the tech and the dinos and I like the mother and the daughter. The son’s cute too but whatever….
Hart of Dixie – I didn’t complete the ep. I am going to watch it for time pass..
Gossip Girl on it’s 4th season.. Looking good soo far.. Keeping my fingers crossed..
Aw I am sad to say ‘Awkward’ finished with it’s first season.. Awesome ending.. I was happy when Jenna gave Jake a chance. Felt sad for Matty really. That was a shocker btw- her mother wrote her the letter.. Whoa!! Can’t wait for the next season.
And yeah ‘New Girl’ has gotten it’s full first season order. I wasn’t expecting that.. :/
And I realized I didn’t mention ‘Teen Wolf’ in my previous previous post :p
They were good.
Oooh ‘Suburgatory’ also premiered. I found them okay….
I am done…


P.S. my random writing.. haha


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