Favorites; Random

Week Favorties…!!

This post will focus on the things I liked this all week.. :p

First up, I discovered two new bands and I FELL IN lOVE.. ‘FireFlight’ – Their single ‘Unbreakable’ is awesome….. Check ’em out.

The second band is ‘EarlyRise’.. Their first album is out on Oct 4.. Download four of their songs free from their official Facebook page.. You will like them.. Give ’em a listen.

I love Angelina Jolie and her family.. She went went with her kids to Gwen Stefani’s house. I love this pic.. They all look so adorable.. I really admire Angelina..

My fav ep this week.. Revenge’s ‘Trust’

If I ever got a Tattoo or I would love to have this as my logo..

Vampire Diaries is surely getting interesting.. Loved this week’s ep…Grey’s Anatomy also made it into my favs like always.. XP

I love Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Video Games’… Let’s not forget Kerli’s ‘Army of Love’.. It’s an old song but whatever…

Byeee for now…


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