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Living Off The Land

i love it… would like to visit this place..:p

His Creation

Along my travels over the last couple weeks I ran across a number of old, abandoned homes. Many likely date back nearly a hundred years, and some may have been original homesteads when the country was settled. I was able to photograph a few of these, but all have some artifacts that tend to detract from the true rustic value of these finds. Additionally, each of these were located in relatively remote areas, so I wasn’t able to learn their specific history. However, from my knowledge of each locale, a little common sense, and perhaps a dash of artistic license, I will do my best to spin a good yarn. Each of the images is a result of HDR processing, which involves combining several exposures of the same frame in order to maximize the dynamic color range available.

The country around Gordon, Nebraska is a blend of farm and grass…

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