Seasons; Drama; Marathon

Catching up!

Okay, I finally caught upto last week’s ep for The Secret Circle.. And I so didn’t expect that ending… I guess I can write without any screams from readers about spoiling the big secret… I soo did not want Diana to be the other Blackwell.. Nu-uh… Well, never mind… It happened… I did not like this show that much cos of the acting but then the show grew on me after the mid-season break… :p I liked Adam as in Thomas Dekker when he was playing John in the Sarah Connor Chronicles but sadly that show got cancelled… 😦 Anyway, two more episodes left and I want this show to come back like just to have something to watch. ‘Enuff said… Lol… I am not saying the show is bad, the story is there but the acting sucks… I like Faye, though. And Casey can act real nice when she is all evil… So, we have to wait and see but I know for sure this show is coming back…
That can’t be said for Ringer, sadly. I think, lol…
And I love New Girl… They are hillarious. Nick and Jess will get together that is so obvious. Last episode was just ridiculous. Ahahahh. I was a little sad that I Hate My Teenager Daughter got cancelled… 😦 Well, the world goes on… Gotta run now…



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