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My Art (Panic) Attack!!

I am neither an art student nor have I ever taken art classes. I just want to sketch or doodle around on art supplies. That didn’t make sense. :-/

I made some (digital) sketches while designing banners for my blog(s). They are just random. Other than sketches I did some drawings or abstract things too. Oh, I am scared. Don’t reject me… I am rambling in these sketches so if you don’t see what I see then take ’em as abstract. (The ones that really are)

All is pencil (lead) work.

So, here goes.

ImageIn the sketch above, I tried making a face. I wanted to make a full body along with but ‘m still learning. I have yet to make more better pieces ^_^ I hope.

ImageIn this image, I tried to show an alien spaceship landing somewhere. The cliffs at the bottom are far away (that’s what I tried to depict) ehehe

ImageUm, here I tried showing land and sea/river combo. :p

ImageOver here, I sketched a bridge (a crooked one :p) passing over a river darkened by pollution and/or other factors. The hills at the bottom are also affected.

ImageI tried giving it an effect of a tent but it looks more like a house. eheheh

ImageThis didn’t turn out the way I wanted to. I was not going for this abstract thingy. The rocks at the bottom are modernized. The rest is up to your imagination. :p

ImageThis didn’t turn out the way I wanted to either. I wanted to show a man in a cave where there were loads of stalactites/stalagmites. I think if I rotate it you can see a man…

ImageThe above sketch rotated. Can you see what I see? :p

ImageSome of my obsessions; books, dresses, stationary. :p

What do you guys think? What do you see while looking at these sketches? I want to know. T_T

I will post some of my other drawings later. Hope you guys enjoy.

Thanks for watching reading.


P.S. I have decided to sign my posts now on by RB. (doesn’t mean anything special just the name of my blog w/o the ‘s’ o_o)


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