frannie loves marie.

August 5th 2012 marked 50 years since the passing of Marilyn Monroe. 50 years on and people still adore her. For me, the fascination lies in the unknown… in not understanding what was really going on behind her doe eyes. Fame is fickle and it feels strange to me that someone I have never met, nor even seen in the flesh, can be so hypnotising. Because of people like me, there’s a market to tell Monroe’s story, along with the stories of other Hollywood personas who reached dizzying infamy.

My Week With Marilyn was a recent cinematic release based on the book The Prince, The Showgirl and Me by Colin Clark. These are Clark’s true recounts of events from a week on set with Marilyn during which he had varying interactions with her. While this movie is not Monroe’s biography, it told her story perfectly. Perhaps this was because Michelle Williams did the role such justice. I’ll…

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