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So, here I am, in bed thinking of taking an actual nap. I dunno why I wrote the word actual. I think I should really sleep then. So, I passed my precious afternooms today laying around in bed mostly with my iPad and watched YouTube videos. I would be sitting in my not-so-cozy chair, then slowly sink down in my chair. Then I finally moved to my bed ^_^

So, what did I watch on YouTube you wonder? Or you don’t wonder. Why would you be interested in what I did or watched on YouTube? Anyway, I first watched some videos. Discovered a new band yesterday while watching book trailers..

Five Finger Death Punch. Oooh LaLa– the name of this band. I luurrve it… I loved almost every song I heard by them. Well, I heard four and liked three. Eheh. The voice of the lead vocalist, the lyrics, the music.. They are good. The sound basically. Listen to them by clicking on titles if you want. :p

Far From Home which was used in Marissa Maar’s Carnival of Souls book trailer…

Then, I heard Walk Away. Then I had them on repeat.

Then, Remember Everything– ah the music at the beginning.

I guess most are already aware of this band. Well, hmm.

Anyway, this is what I did yesterday mostly. Today, I spent all noon watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube. Ha! They are apparently good. I love all the characters. The impersonations/improv Lizzie and her sisters and Charlotte do are super hillarious.

If you guys are interested you can watch it here.

I read no book today. Oh, I did read The Rise of Nine by Mr. Pittacus Lore yesterday. Have any of you read it? Would like to vent out my frustrations on it with someone. My sister has read it but she other than saying she didn’t like it wont further discuss it. And I am trying to read Legend by Marie Lu and Veronica Rossi’s Under The Never Sky. No solid progress on both as of yet.

I have recently adopted this habit of saying OhLa! to everyone in my fam nowadays. Hmmm.. Weird.

The American Horror Story teasers are awesome. Ah, can’t wait.

The Falling Skies finale was a-ok. What did they do? Huh?! Like what??? What????

ANTM’s new cycle starting Friday. Looking forward to it. I guess.

Movie plans tomorrow.

Plans for now, do some chores mum asked me to right before she left for her night out. Then, gonna hit the sack.

Want to go book shopping.

I should stop writing now. Folks please forgive my rambling. I am not going to proof-read the whole thing as I am really tired. So, if I sound incoherent or I did make some typos or whatever. Pardon. Me.

Lemme know your thoughts on any topic (perhaps American Horror Story or the likes) in this huge ramble of mine.

Bubye for now.

Stay Blessed.
OhLa!! ((:


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