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From September 3rd, my MPhil Classes will begin. Yeah, I am sad. My happiness will sink in on Sunday night. New stationary, new classmates, new everything– I am bound to be excited. (I have two of my friends with me in the same program, though. And I will miss one of friends who won’t be attending the same uni.) Why am I sad, then? Well, my vacations will end. I might not post for a long while, it’s not I like post that often but still. I will also get busy with my Thesis. The work on that was already being done but it’s gonna get more hectic now. So, pardon my absence.

If I do get the time to do a post, it will highlight my first week or the first three days. There’s a chance that my classes will be in the evening. Sucks, I know. Argh! Anyway, I am planning to do another ‘What’s in my (insert choice of item)’ soon. So, keep a lookout for that.

If you don’t want a ‘What’s in my?’ post, you can lemme know. :p

Good luck to all of you.
Thanks for reading.
Stay Blessed.

‘Can’t explain why it’s so hard for me so,hard to see your side’ ~

5FDP– all the way. ^_^


This is not a good doodle but what the heck? :p

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