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I wanted to make a logo for this blog. And this is what I came up with- a signature. Ha!!
I know I haven’t been posting much on this blog. Sorry about that. But I have been posting on my book blog. <_<

Highlight of my weekend so far: Had a convo with Demon Kissed author on twitter, Holly M. Ward. I love her and her books so much. Does this make me a little shallow?

Um, I am reading Pride & Prejudice along with a couple other. I have prolonged reading Casual Vacancy and Under The Never Sky so far. I will give them the attention they deserve only when I don't get distracted by other things.

Ooh, btw, I made a button for both blogs. Also, did you check the new header out? I made it especially for the Halloween thingy this month. Just wanted the Halloween vibe for the blog. I didn't change the theme but I guess it goes. My thesis defence was early this month. It went well. Thank god. Final revisions being done nowadays. My MS classes are getting tougher. And I am still not getting my study mode on. 😦 Wish me luck. I got sick last weekend but I cooked that weekend which is a feat in itself as I don't like to cook. +_+

I enjoyed Linkin Park's new album Living Things along with Three Days Grace new album Transit of Venus. My fave's from Transit of Venus so far are Give Me A Reason and Unbreaable. LP's album is a little old now, ehehe. Skyfall by Adele is awesome along with Taylor Swift's singles released so far.

I watched very a many movies. The Debt, My Week With Marilyn, People Like Us, Our Idiot Brother, The Double- and I don't recall nomore.

I marathoned Grey's Anatomy till S07. S09 is just so melancholic. Hunted is just freaking awesome. Recommended. Revenge S02 is going epic. Once Upon A Time is good, too. Hmmmmm, what else? I read loads of books.

Our house is under renovation nowadays. Once it is done, I will be asking my lil' sister to move out. 😀

I didn't do much shopping. 😦

Okay, I think I should stop with this ramble now.

How have you all been?

Stay Blessed.


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