Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

I got hold of this album at the end of October, I believe. I loved every minute of it. This band reminds me of The Killers and ColdPlay altogether. Snow Patrol and The Fray aren’t far from behind. *a baby’s toothless grin* I freaking luurvve this album.

Radioactive is such a good start to the album. I freaking love this song. It also got featured on the trailer for The Host. Awesome track. I love how he breathes in the chemicals. Epic. Love the chorus. 5 paws. :p
Next up, is Tiptoe with a 4 paw rating. It is a good song. Like the music. The chorus to this is very enjoyable.
It’s Time follows this. A fine track. It got featured in The Perks of Being A Wallflower trailer. 3.5 paws by me. (:
Demons – another awesome track. This is the song where I feel I am listening to a Cold Play track and the likes. I really love this track. It’s abso-bloody-lutely fantastic. 5 paws.
On Top of the World is a fun track. You can do trot (?) dance (I hope I’m right) to it, I suppose. 3 paws.
Aw, the track is really a sweet and sad song. Amsterdam finds our vocalist apologetic. I love the way he says ‘Amsterdam’. 4 paws.
The next track, Hear Me, has some solid drum beats in the background with solid guitar and bass. This track feels like The Killer-ish to me. I love Dan’s voice. 4 paws. ‘…maybe if I fall asleep, I won’t breathe, right…’
I didn’t like the next song that much. Every Night was okay. I hate the way he says ‘…Every night…’ 2 paws just because of that.
I liked Bleeding Out. I loved the music in it. Still do. And the song has some catchy parts. 3 paws.
Underdog another fine track. 3 paws.
Nothing Left To Say is a likeable track. I like it. I love the way Dan sings ‘…Beckoning, beckoning…’
Working Man and Fallen are good tracks to end the album (iTunes edition) 3 paws to them both.

IMAGINE DRAGONS are: Dan Reynolds (vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitar), Ben McKee (bass), Daniel Platzman (drums).

Overall, this album is perfect for listening while reading books or jogging etc. If you ain’t any of those activities you will be really listening to these tracks. They have some solid feel to it with somewhat fine lyrics.

A solid debut album. 5 freaking paws.

Are you a fan of this fantac indie rock band? How did you find this album?


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