Push and Shove – No Doubt


I have been listening to this album a lot and have been liking it very much, too. Two months since its release and I can still listen to this album.

The first track Settle Down is one of my favorites from this album. It is a good start to the album. The first single off of this album. 4 stars.
The next track is Lookin’ Hot! And I freaking love this song. I love the way Gwen sings it. 5 stars.
One More Summer is a some what slow track with guitar riffs. I like it. 4 stars.
Push and Shove is also a fantac song. I love the part in the middle. 4 stars.
Easy is another good track. I like the music a lot. And the fading out that Gwen does at the start. A sweet slow song feature awesome guitar bits. :p 4 stars.
The next Gravity is okay, but I find it a bit boring. It ain’t a bad track. It just wasn’t for me. 2.5 stars, I guess.
Next up, Undercover, I like this song. 3 stars.
Another slow song on the album, Undone is another good edition to this album. A soft song with good guitar skills. Gives off a vibe of sadness. 4 stars.
Sparkle is somewhat a track with groovy music. I like it okay. 2.5 stars.
Heaven starts off with great music. But I didn’t like the way of singing. 3 stars.
The last track Dreaming the Same Dream was a fine ending to the album. It starts off good but loses its grip on me. Nonetheless a fine track. 2.5 stars.

This album was really good. I would be singing along with many tracks here. I loved the music and the lyrics, too. It’s good to see No Doubt make such a strong come back after a long hiatus.

I heard the acoustic versions of a few tracks. And I really liked Looking Hot’s version followed by One More Summer. I didn’t like Settle Down’s acoustic version at all.

My Rating:

Have you heard this album already? What were your thoughts?


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