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Bye-Bye 2012

2012 is about to end. Supposedly, December 21st was the end of the world but we have survived and are looking forward to a new year. I completed my Bachelors this year (: along with starting my M Phil MS classes. I did a little cooking this year which is huge feat for me :D. xP



The following are all the things I loved this year.

Favorite Season:
Game of Thrones – Season 2

This show is sooo good. I love love love it. My favorite character is Arya and Tyrion Lannister. Waiitng anxiously for season 3.

Recurring Favorite Season:
Grey’s Anatomy.

I just adore this show. I have been following htis show from day 1. I even marathoned Season 1 through Season 8 this year before Season 9 started. Yeah I am that huge a fan.

Favorite Book:
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

I read loads and loads of books. The book that topped all those books is The Fault in Our Stars. It was one emotional book with our witty protagonists. A must-read.

Favorite New Band:
Imagine Dragons.

I loved their album and I loved loved the songs Radioactive and Demons.

Favorite Movie:
The Dark Knight Rises.

I love this franchise of Batman movies. Love Christian Bale. This movie was just as perfect as its predecessors.

Favorite Role Played by in movie:
Charlie played by Logan Lerman in The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Favorite Korean Drama:
Reply 1997

I am a huge fan of K-dramas šŸ˜› and this year’s fave show title goes to Reply 1997. The direction was really good.

Favorite Fashion Trend:

Favorite Book Cover:
The Casual Vacancy

For the simplicity of using just two colors. Red and Yellow.

Favorite Villain:

I really liked Bane in TDKR. It was like we were hating on him for the first half of the movie and the we found out he wasn’t really the bad guy.

Favorite Movie Poster:

I love the crumbling buildings. The debris at the end is just epic.

Favorite Animated Movie:

I seriously loved this animation. It was completely different form what I was expecting. :p

I am outta favorites although I am sure I am missing many. ^-^

What were some of your favorites?
Good luck for the next year.
Happy Holidays.


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