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Music of 2012

So, I discovered some new bands, rediscovered some old bands and some new artists on the block. Also, some from around the world. 😀 The following is the music I heard in 2012.

Lacuna Coil

Dark Adrenaline

January 23rd.

Italy’s greatest musical export ~ I loved loved loved this album. Released at the end of January- the remaining days and most of February was passed listening to this epic album. Almost every song was enjoyable. Loved every minute of it. Love the album art.
My Rating:
paw rating

Lana Del Rey

Born To Die January 30th
Born To Die (Paradise Edition) November 30th

I loved the first edition. She had me at the first single that was released after Video Games- Blue Jeans. I liked all the songs. Then when she released the Paradise Edition it was good to relive the experience of the first edition. The new songs were also likeable. ;))

My Rating:
4 paw rating

The Fray

Scars & Stories
February 7.

I have been a huge fan of The Fray by following Grey’s Anatomy. xP I loved this album. I love the lead’s singing voice. Perfect.

My Rating: 4 paw rating

The Cranberries

February 27

This album was good but I have liked the previous albums more. I love Dolores. Still a sweet listen to. ^-^

My Rating:
4 paw rating

Marina and the Diamonds

Electra Heart
April 27

This album was so effing awesome. I love Marina’s voice. Gah, the way she sings.

My Rating:
paw rating

Linkin Park

Living Things.
June 26

I was so happy with this album. It was good to see they had stopped experimenting and gave us almost what they were before. Eeheheh. Awesome album to listen to.

My Rating:
paw rating

Imagine Dragons

Night Visions
September 3

This album was a treat to listen to. Loved it. Radioactive and Demons- Awesome tracks. Love Amsterdam as well.

My Rating:
paw rating


The Truth About Love
September 18

Aw, I love Pink. I loved this album.

My Rating:
4 paw rating

Mumford & Sons

September 21

Oh, this band is also such a treat to listen to. Love Broken Crown and Babel soo much. Love every song but these two are really good.

My Rating:
4 paw rating

No Doubt

Push and Shove
September 21

It was good to hear from No Doubt again. My analysis feelings can be found here.

My Rating:
4 paw rating

Three Days Grace

Transit of Venus
October 2

This album was gooood. I loved Give Me A Reason and Unbreakable Heart a lot. The whole album was great.

My Rating:
paw rating

Ellie Goulding

October 9

Ellie’s voice is such a treat to listen to. Seriously, love this girl and her songs.

My Rating:
paw rating

Leona Lewis

Glass Heart
October 15

I loved loved loved this album. Almost every song was catchy.

My Rating:
paw rating

Taylor Swift

October 22

I loved all the singles from this album. Her collaboration with Snow Patrol’s Gary was such a great track to listen to.

My Rating:
4 paw rating

Christina Aguilera

November 13

This album was full of Christina’s melodious voice. Her high notes were exquisite to listen to. 😉

My Rating:
paw rating


November 19

Diamonds, Love Song and Mother Mary topped my favorites. My review.

My Rating:
4 paw rating

Other than these I listened to the monthly top charts (various artists editions :p). 😀 I also heard songs from Romanian and German artists. My favorite German song is Lila Wolken. I just love it. And also instrumentals made it into my iPod. xP I love Prituri Se Planinata by Stellamara.
Oh, NecroFusion by Zak Bagans and Praga Khan was an intelligent concept. I am a huge fan of his show Ghost Adventures. I love Ghost Adventures Crew.

This is what kept me company throughout the year. (: What music kept you company?

Thanks for stopping by as always.
God Bless.


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