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So, I vowed myself to lose some weight. And I did well for a few days avoiding eating at ungodly inhuman hours and doing exercises. I don’t usually do intense workouts. I just do some skipping or crunches, start walking miles a few hours— As I mentioned in my previous posts that my sister and her kids are visiting us and she is very serious about her diet. I was hoping my eating habits and/or seriousness about losing weight will be easily unhurdled. We did well a week I think but then I fell off the trail. I am not obese, I have a justified weight according to my height. But I.want.to.keep.in.shape and for.that I.need to avoid my gluttony. I have been eating candy, boiled potatoes, pasta, and stuff that the.kids.don’t eat. Like they didn’t finish the frenchfries I.made.for.them. 😉 Only.regret. my sister is abstaining from eating extra stuff. But I.am not avoiding eating those. 😦 So, I am thinking I should set.myself with a reward so I can eat only.the justified amount.of food and healthy at that.to keep me strong. What that reward is going to.be- I dunno. I don’t doubt that reward in my head. God, I can be confusing. That made no sense. Anyway, I am getting serious. And oh yeah. Loving the time spent with kiddies.and my.older sis although the kids do get on my nerves sometimes. Ehhehehe. Adore them anyway.

Keeping warm.

Wish you all a best of.luck in future. Toodles. Ciao!


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