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Hey, y’all. How ya doing? I haven’t posted in a long while. I have a reason for that. MY laptop had crashed and then my newest MS semester has begun which means I sleep during the day and then take my classes during the evening. Also, my sister has to leave us to visit her in-laws.

Anyway, you guys know about my dance routine and all that. Well sadly, I haven’t been keeping up with that. 😦 Well, firstly I am tired when I come back from the uni and second I sleep during the day ^•^ and also don’t feel like dancing anymore. Ehehehhe. Anyway, I am controlling my diet and avoiding junk. °_° Apart from that, this semester I have an interesting subject– actually the teacher is really good which is making me like the subject. The subject is Environmental Economics. ANYWAY, my first quiz for another subject is set for THURSDAY.

Other than uni, I have been following the usual shows that I watch. Started ARROW before uni started. Two episodes in. I am not sure if I am that interested in it. ±_± Other than ARROW, started THE FOLLOWING with my sisters. BTW, the month of March is headed our way which means THE GAME of THRONES. Woot woot. ×_×

And remember how I said my sis will be guest blogging. I don’t think thats happening anytime soon. SORRY. She is busy with her A2 studies. Grrr.

I haven’t been reading as well due to reasons unknown. I have only read a book for this month and that was THE INDIGO SPELL, the third book in the BLOODLINES series by Richelle Mead. Really enjoyed it.

I am really loving FALL OUT BOYS’, LIGHT EM UP alot. GET HYPER by Droideka is really good as well. Haven’t seen any new movie. Oh, did go to see JACK REACHER with my bro and sisters. Liked it.

I have to run now. My younger sister is acting like a retard.

Thanks for reading.



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