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Reach For The Sky!!!!

Hello everyone!!

It’s been a long time since my visit to wordpress. I did start visiting it by reblogging and stuff but I was still in a kind of slump. I was posting somewhat on my book blog but never here. It’s like when I don’t feel like writing I hardly visit that blog which is not a good thing.

The last post I did was about Catching Fire’s posters, remember!!!? Haha!! The first trailer to that is out. How did you like it? I can hardly wait. Gah!!

So, things have been busy here. I have 2 more semesters to go in my MPhil MS program. And the second semester is about to end. Just a month or so left. I didn’t really do well in my mid-terms this time around :((((

Other than my bad grades I have post mid projects to drop in to the respective teachers. And the quizzes etc that need to be prepared. Also, I have a social life to carry out and other chores that need to be handled. I haven’t gotten that many a reading this month.

I did start many new shows, re-watched among other. Caught upto some seasons. Watched movies. Heard lots of new music.
POST DIVIDERI WROTE THIS POST WEEKS AGO. The caps was on. Sorry about that. A lot has gone down since I wrote this post. Remember how I told you guys my sister was visiting us? Well, she is gone now. And, I miss my niece and nephew and sister, of course. My other sister has her exams starting this Monday!! I have the usual projects and what not to submit.

I finally started Community. On Season 2 now. Loving the show. It has been renewed for the 5th season. Yayy!!

Also, the re-watching of Gilmore Girls has me on the last season. Gave it a rest. Felt like watching Community. After Community or whilst watching it- might finally start watching Doctor Who. *grins*

I am not so happy with the Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy airing this season. Both lacked the usual lumber. Anyway, still excited for the spin-off, The Originals in the case of the former show.

In the music section, I gave a listen to Red’s, One Republic’s, Will.I.Am’s, Flyleaf’s, Hurts’, J.T’s, Kerli’s, Charlie XCX’s new albums. I really enjoyed each and everyone of them.

Lots of amazing films coming up: The Great Gatsby is out (Still haven’t gone to see it yet), Byzantium, City of Bones, Man of Steel, Fast & Furious 6 to name a few.

I am tiredly sad. Gotta go!!

Love you guys.

Before I go, something I made :>

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