Miracle Harmonies!!!

The music I have been listening to since February has included a mixture of pop, hip-hop, hard rock, alternate rock, pop rock, electronic etc. xP

Red – Release the Panic

I adore this band. I adore their music. This album definitely gets 5 stars. I love the whole album- my favorite songs from the album being Perfect Life, If We Only, So Far Away, As You Go and the remixes featured on the album.

paw rating

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One Republic – Native

One Republic are awesome. We all know that. And this album was no exception. My faves from the album are most definitely Counting Stars, If I Lose Myself and/or Burning Bridges. Along with Can’t Stop.

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4 paw rating

Gossip – A Joyful Noise

A 2012 album but I got a hold of it this in the early months of this year. I absolutely adore this album. I like almost every song. Among faves are Perfect World, Get A Job, Movie in the Right Direction,  Get Lost, and Love in a Foreign Place.

paw rating3Oh3! – Omens

Oh this album is such a delight. Beaty tracks and somewhat groovy- I can go through this album to get into a semi-party mood. Haha. Not really. Fave tracks are Eyes Closed, You are Gonna love This, Make It Easy, Live For the Weekend, Hungover, Slow Motion, Go F*ck Yourself and I’ve Become and Omens.

paw rating

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories 

I have been listening to many instrumental or techno music this year and how could I not listen to Daft Punk’s latest. Among Faves are Lose Yourself to Dance, Instant Crush, Get Lucky, Motherboard.

4 paw rating

Will. I. Am – #willpower

I was constantly listening to this album when it came out and I still listen to it when I want to dance and what not. My favorites among the featured tracks are Let’s Go, That Power, Fall Down, Far Away From Home, Reach For The Stars, Geekin’, Gettin Dumb.

paw ratingActive Child – You Are All I See

I discovered them when I saw one of their songs being danced on at in SYTYCD. I didn’t know Hanging On by Ellie Goulding was originally their song. I know. Sometimes I do live under the rock. When I am feeling gloomy I listen to this.

3paw rating

Pink – The Truth About Love

I heard the whole album this year and I loved it. I really enjoyed tracks Slut Like You, Timebomb, Are We All We Are, Blow Me, Truelove, Just Give Me A Reason.

4 paw rating

Charlie XCX – True Romance

I soo love this album. I loved her released singles back when she was prepping up for her debut album release. I really enjoy this album whenever I listen to it. Nuclear Seasons, You (Ha Ha Ha), Take My Hand, Set Me Free, So Far Away, Cloud Aura, Black Roses, You’re The One are among my most played songs from the album.

paw rating

Bastille – Bad Blood

I so loved Pompeii when it was released as  a single. I, then, had to get my hands on the album. Another track I loved was Things We Lost in the Fire. I have yet to really listen to this album. Ehehe. I can’t get passed the first two tracks. LOL.

4 paw ratingDepeche Mode – Delta Machine

I hart Depeche Mode. Welcome To My World, Angel, The Child Inside, Soft Touch/Raw Nerve, Goodbye – I like them. Oh dude, I shouldn’t forget All Time Lie, and Happens All The Time.

paw rating

I will soon be posting the rest of the music that I enjoyed.

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Thanks for reading.

Stay Blessed.



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