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Attention Seeker (1)

new feature
This is a new feature I am planning to start on both the blogs: this and my book blog.
What is this feature about? Well, as the name tells whatever thing that has grabbed my attention or has me hooked and/or takes up most of my time will be mentioned here for all of you to see and if you would like you could check ’em out. *winks* All the non-bookish stuff that garbs my attention will be posted here whereas the bookish stuff will be obviously on my book blog.

I am not quite sure how I’ll be moving along for this feature. Will it be a weekly or monthly thing!? It has yet to be decided. It actually depends on the attention seeker!! *pun intended* (I hope the use of pun is correct here, haha)

Now that, that’s outta the way. Lets get into it, shall we?


First up, the game that had me not sleeping at nights and just completing mission after mission. I mentioned this game on Twitter. Say hello to the culprit:
Ninja Slash
I have passed the addiction on to my sister. *evil laugh*
Most of May was spent playing this along with Teeter. These two have made my favorites list.

Monstar (Korean)
I have been a huge fan of Korean shows (a post on my love after exams) for a very long time. But then a time came that their dramas lost the charm. This is the first show after such a long time to have captured my attention. I have really taken to it. It’s a musical drama with a good and intriguing storyline. I liked the songs that were featured on this show.

These two categories grabbed my attention in May!!

This is it.
Thanks for reading.

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