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Monthly Favorites! (1)

monthly faves

I am planning to do a non-book favorites post every month on this blog. I already do a monthly fave post on my book blog. I didn’t have that many favorites this past month book-wise.

Let’s get into it, then.

The Blind Side (re-watch)

Live Performance:
Grenade (Michelle Chamuel on The Voice 4)

Live Reaction:
Shakira (after Sasha won) I just loved how she was hyperventilating. Haha.

Before the announcement (screenshot)
Before the announcement (screenshot)

After the announcement (screenshot)
After the announcement (screenshot)

Community (watched this the whole month of May- absolutely loved it)
Monstar (Korean- only three episodes so far and I am so in love) [a post on the love of Korean shows will be up after I am done with my exams]

Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel)

Lip Balm:
Essence of Beauty| Lemon Twist, Lip Butter


Body Mousse:
Pink Sugar

Ninja Slash (on my iPad) + Teeter (on my HTC) (:

This is it for May’s favorites.
What were your favorite items from the past month?

Thanks for reading.

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