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Losing My Religion!

This is it. The promised post about my love for KDramas. I have been a vivid fan of KShows and KPop. I signed into an anime forum and what not and did some postings there. I stopped visiting that forum and blogging over there because well, I got distracted. I was an active user there at the start of last year with occasional visits here and there but… you know how it went.

I stopped watching kshows when no good show would come on anymore. Occasionally, a show would come on where the starting eps were good but then the show would get boring and I’d stop watching it. Some shows I can recommend are:
49 Days
Reply 1997
The Secret Garden
A Love to Kill
Goong/Princess Hours
Coffee Prince
Miss Ripley
Shinning Inheritance
The Moon That Embaces The Sun
Nice Guy
That Winter, The Wind Blows

I can’t think of anymore. Eheh. Anyway, last year I had watched Reply 1997 fully- it even made my favorites. I Miss You featured Hyun Eun Hye and Mikky Yuchun but I gave up on that show, aswell (got bored). The kshow I am watching nowadays is Monstar. It’s a musical with some teenagers. The starting episodes were fast paced and now it has become slow paced. But I am still gonna keep watching it, anyway. Wanna see how things turn out. 😀
I forgot why I wanted to write this post. :/
All I am saying is that I occasionally go back to see if there is a good kshow on or not. I have seen loads of them. They are good stuff. What I like about these shows? The twists, the plot, the acting, the dialogues, the fun moments, the sad moments- gah the shows mentioned in the recommend list are totes mouth-openers acting wise , dialogue wise and what not. So, in short, huge fan. +p

And now to how it all began. For that I will refer to the post I did on this Anime Crazy forum. link there.

Originally posted on animecrazy.net/forums/blogs/

My friend introduced me to kdramas and since then I have taken the role of being an observant kdrama fan. And now I am the one who tells her to watch this show and not that show…
My first ever kdrama was Boys Over Flowers. I had fun watching them at the beginning but I felt they were stretched a bit at the end. I have mixed feelings about the show.
This was followed by Goong/Princess Hours and oh man wasn’t I soaked into it… I became a huge fan of Hyun Eun Hye. It was perfect. It had the fun element along with romance, happiness and sadness…
Till then I had gone crazy… And would literally sit all day surfing to find something to watch…
I was then recommended to watch Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. I liked the op theme of DBY… I don’t like tiawanese as it can be really irritating to the ears and tdramas have alot of overacting. So not into tdramas that much although my boredness has led me to watch several other tdramas…*sheepish*
A Love To Kill was next on the list and I fell in love with the show, the ending, with Rain
I don’t remember how many dramas I have watched ahaha to be honest they are very many.

So, this is a random post. Haha. Gtg.
God Bless.
Thanks for reading.
Red. x

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