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My 178th post on WordPress showed this quote.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.
Isaac Asimov

It is such a beautiful quote. You know what ‘Redbeads’is two years old this July. I dunno when that happened. I just got a notification and I even saw that a little late I think. Anyway, so yay. Happy belated birthday to me! +-v

That is kinda cool. I should vow to write on a somewhat regular basis I guess. Or at least more than I usually do. I follow a cool bunch of people through this blog.

What has happened in these two years?

I have gotten active, then lazy, then active and so on with my blogging duties here at this blog. Hahaha. I have played with WordPress content as in themes selection- header making and what not. I have installed the apps and enjoyed them. I have almost utilized every feature by WordPress. I have earned my Bachelors degree through this journey with WordPress. I made a blogger out of my sister and friend. I have learned how to drive. Still haven’t gotten my license but I will get it soon. I have come to know awesome bloggers through this server. Sometimes, I wish I had my book blog here on WordPress as the community at WordPress is more responsive. But then, I love where my book blog is but I still wonder. So no one knows I might just transfer it here.

I have been random and sometimes lame with my blog posts. I write for me but I still write for you. I still have that presence in my head when I am drafting a post. Will they like it? This is lame writing? Shouldn’t post! – these thoughts run through my head before I post. But sometimes – na-huh, most of the times I go ahead with it. Just like I will go ahead with this post. I should never forget- this is my turf. I should write what I feel like. I should be confident and try to match to what others might feel- like I should relate to them. But I shouldn’t worry about that as one way or another there will be someone out there whom I can relate to.

Omg, I dunno what I just wrote. I am random. So, a gift for you guys. God. Gotta go. Hide.

Thanks for reading anyway.

Also, it has been two good years!

Thank You.
Happy WordPressing!


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