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You guys know how I am a fan of kpop or korean stuff in general. So, this won’t come as a surprise that I am now a fan of jrockpop whatever. I came across a Japaneses Rock band many days ago on [V]. And I fell in love. The band goes by the name One Ok Rock. And consists of four members.

Vocals : Taka born in 17.APR.1988 / Tokyo
Bass : Ryota born in 4.SEP.1989 / Osaka
Guitars : Toru born in 7.DEC.1988 / Osaka
Drums : Tomoya born in 27.JUN.1987 / Hyogo

Their latest album is JenseixBoku. I have heard only the singles that were released back in January of this year. I have yet to listen to this album. I have heard all the other previous albums. Or tried to mostly on YouTube and Soundcloud. They are extremely popular. Oricon Charts are not new to this rock band. Along with Billboard and what not.

All I can say is go listen to them. As I have been listening to them since I heard of them. D:

The lead member did a duet with Simple Plan in the song Simple Paradise.

I am leaving behind the song that I really like by them.

Important Links:

Source for the images: Official One Ok Rock Website!

That’s it then.
Gonna run now.




2 thoughts on “Attention Seeker (3)

  1. you have a good taste in music 😀
    I like deeper depeer the most XD
    Taka’s part in summer paradise is also quite good (I mean, his voice just–! <-can't explain by words anymore)


    1. Thanks. Lol. I like Deeper Deeper right after Scab. ^_^
      Summer Paradise was okay. Taka was good.
      I have been searching for more JRock bands. Found Gazette. Not bad. v_v
      And thanks for stopping by.


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