Movie Talk: January 2014 Edition


January has been a good month in regard to the movies I have seen. Well, they are all last year flicks that I failed to see then. :\ Jumping straight into it.

About Time

Oooh, I soo loved this film. I went into it not knowing anything about it. Seriously, I hadn’t even seen the trailers. My sis brought it and I went in knowing that Rachel McAdams was in it and that it was about time travel. I was thinking about his movie when I was done with it for a couple days or so. I really liked it. It was sweet, mysterious, fun, unpredictable and plain beauty. Eheh. I can’t recommend this film enough. The cast is perfect. The pacing is close to perfect. Its amazing.



Yes, I failed to see this last year and I was able to in the second week of January. It was really cool. I didn’t think Clooney would be in it so much. So that was kind of  a surprise. All that tension and fear for when the debris orbit would repeat. One thing I found funny that last shot. Sandra Bullock standing as tall as a giant. I know I know. I get it. She did conquer space and all. >_<


Captain Phillips

Ooh, this was such a nerve-wrecking movie. Flawless acting. A genuine surprise. Must watch.


Escape Plan

Another intelligent surprise. Those guards were just creepy what with them (masks). Action packed. It was good to see Mr. Schwarzenegger and Mr. Stallone in action again. A great film.


Love Actually

Well, after watching About Time I wanted to check this flick out. It was sad, cute, full of hope all at once. But I liked About Time more. I liked this one okay.


The Conjuring

I always thought the whole movie would be about that doll. And uh-oh. I am getting scared now. Kinda. Just writing about it. Cos there were some instances that made me jump out of my seat. LOL. And I do believe in these things. Anyway, Joey King was really good in it.


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

This sequel was so cute. I loved the eatable families. And Berry was so adorable. The way Berry helped in translating for the edibles. ADORABLE. I liked this sequel more.


Catching Fire (rewatch)

I can’t tell you how much I love this flick. It is amazing, Awesome acting, perfect book-to-movie adaptation and we know it. The dresses, the music, the arena. Amazinnngggggg. I can’t wait for Mockingjay.


What movies have you been watching? Do lemme know if you have any recommendations.

Happy Watching.



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