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Season Talk: Anticipated (Returning) Shows

Hey, my fellow TV watching people. Today, I will talk about the seasons I am anxiously waiting for. Scroll down to see which season I am most excited about. I am excited about all but ya know. Well, I love each and everyone of these and they are all recommended. xP

  • Ghost Adventures Season 9. It returns February 19. I love ghosts, not really ghosts, um, just the idea that there is another world out there, y’know. And I have experienced paranormal stuff myself so such scenarios fascinate me. And this show I believe is by far the best ghost show out there. Official Twitter: @GhostAdventures

  • Bates Motel Season 2. It returns to our TV screens (and/or laptop screens >_<) on March 3. Who doesn’t love crazy stuff. And this show is full of all that crazy, messed up, dangerous and mysterious stuff. And all that flawless acting by Ms. Farmiga. Follow them on Twitter: @InsideBates
    Season Talk: Anticipating (Returning) Shows
  • The Walking Dead Season 4 (second half). We will be able to see this beloved zombie show of ours on February 9. Let’s see what more is in store for our beloved characters.

  • Mistresses Season 2. I was blown away by this remake of the British series. I really liked the characters and the story line and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. And after that cliffhanger. Whoa. It returns in May. Official Twitter: @Mistresses_ABC

  • Suits Season 3 (second half). Returns March 6. Who doesn’t love lawyers? Everyone! This lawyer show is different. It’s funny, it’s genius, its ruthless. Watch it. I can’t wait. I dunno what to expect after seeing the trailer. Official Twitter: @Suits_USA

  • Orphan Black Season 2. Returning April 19. Guys, if you still haven’t checked this series out. You should. If you want to see marvelous acting from a single actor this is your show. Well, that isn’t the only factor. One word: clones. Yeah. Mind-blowing crazy stuff. I am sad Tatiana didn’t win the Golden Globe. But well, I am hoping the show wins an  Emmy or something. Official Twitter: @OrphanBlack

  • Continuum Season 3. Man, I marathon-ed this season last year before I marathon-ed Suits. And the second season’s ending was just… wow. Hadn’t seen that coming. I just dunno what to expect next. It’s sci-fi people. Time Travel and such. Official Twitter: @ContinuumSeries

  • My Mad Fat Diary Series 2. Omg, I love love love love this awesome show. Gah. It was torture last year and now but the torture is about to end as this show returns in February. This show has a hilarious narrator in the shapes of Sharon Rooney. She was in the first episode of Sherlock people. Get on this bandwagon. I am serious. And oh my god, have you guys seen the trailer for the second series? I love Rae. Official Twitter: @MyMadFatDiary

  • Game of Thrones Season 4. Yes, obviously, I am most anticipating this maginifique and all those other adjectives that describe awesomeness. That trailer for this season. Man. This show. Man!!! I freaking cannot not wait. D: It will be infornt of our eyeballs in April– April 6. Woot. Official Twitter: @GameofThrones

What returning seasons are you excited about?

Thanks for reading.

Happy Watching.


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