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Hullo, this is what has been happening in my entertainment circle.

I have been marathoning Parenthood. I am on S05. I like the show cos it shows all the elements that are involved when dealing with the immediate family and the extended family. Although, i am not liking a few things such as Amber’s love life. The rest is fine. It’s a sad show infused with some happy moments. I like it for its realness.

Teen Wolf, The Originals, Community (gah, I really love this show), Shameless is also doing well (Extremely messed up situations). Bates Motel failed to interest me with its return until that moment when Bradley did that and came to find Norman. I still haven’t caught upto Suits. I am getting bored with Helix. :/ I still have to see American Hustle and Dallas Byers Club and August Osage County. I saw Frozen and loved it.

I am currently listening to all the songs in my library. And they all include my latest obsessions and the released anticipated albums.

I know how to make chocolate granolas. Ehehe.

I want to finish reading Book 3 in the A Song of Ice and Fire series really bad but I haven’t been reading it. #fail

#nowplaying Lana Del Rey’s Cola

I have an assignment to do and I am procrastinating.

Just changed the song.

I am not liking my Climate Change professor. 😦

I am gonna go now.

Thanks for reading.



P.S.  I am midst decision about deleting this blog because I hardly blog here. I feel bad for all of you who follow me cos i hardly blog and then when i blog it’s not really that classy. 😦 I blog on blogger more maybe cos i read more or something I dunno. I am still thinking about it. I shouldn’t quit and come up with ways to make things more interesting around here. It shall be seen.


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