Dawn of a New Day….


My favorites nowadays…

Twenty One Pilots – They killed it at the movie awards. Apart from Car Radio I like Holding Onto You, Migraine, Ode To You and almost every song eheh.

Lacuna Coil – Loving the new album. My favorites at the moment are Infection and Nothing Stands in Our Way. Will do another post on favorites or you can see my instagram posts. I mostly post music faves there.

Within Temptation – From the new album, i have been enjoying Let Us Burn, Dangerous, And We Run, Paradise and Edge of the World. Almost every song. xP

Have been enjoying listening to In Flames‘s Dawn of a New Day, Spineshanks‘s Smothered, Slipknot’s Snuff and Vermillion, Kill Hannah‘s Lips Like Morphine.

In Flames has their new album coming out this September. Woot.

In Flames – Siren Charms

Spinshank are reuniting after a six year hiatus. There new album is coming out this June.


I will leave now.

Happy Listening.

Thanks for reading.



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