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If I Stay

Ah, I love this book and I was so excited when Chloe was selected to play Mia. But after watching the trailer I don’t like the way she was talking. I liked her voice over but not so much during the dialogues. :/ On second thought, after seeing the trailer again, I don’t like the voice over either. :p It may just be because of the editing for the trailer. It might not be the same in the movie so that shall be seen.

As for Adam, um, I am not so sure about him yet. I didn’t like the way he delivered that major ‘…stay….’ line. I don’t like his hair, either.

Overall, I am hell excited and I hope it does well in the box office as I would love to see a movie on Where She Went real bad as I loved that book more than If I Stay.

As for the song choice, yeah, it made me go all sad.

I can’t wait to see all the cello bits in the movie, they look amazing. Chloe looks pretty. I like the parents (even for the little they were shown), I like the friend when she was at the hospital. I am worried about Chloe’s acting, though. :/

Still I am stoked.




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