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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) Poster

I went to see this with me sibs last weekend. I got a little bored during it. Not a little. Qite a lot. LOL. I thought there would be more action sequences. But nonetheless I want to love it. I think if they hadn’t split the movie into two parts it would have been more awesome but I also think this splitting helped in developing the story more obviously. Also it made the dread set in more. Plus more movie sales which is happening already. Yayyy. (This sentiment exists only if I want to be positive about it. LOL.)

But seriously, they shouldn’t have thought about movie sales and given us a more impactful movie and not split the movie. LOL.

And I dunno I wish those teasers were incorporated into the movie somehow. In some genius way. Weird, I know.

Loved all the District 13 bits and that Hanging Tree poem. Goodness. Loved that freaking scene. Loved Peeta and that ending. And that rescue mission scene. Whoa. Loved the direction, visual takes. Gah. But seriously, why the split?!

During the movie I had sitting beside me two girls and one of them was continuously talking. And commenting on the movie. Really she annoyed the hell outta me.  LOL. Thank god they changed their seats halfway through.

I don’t really remember the book so I can’t compare the two exactly. But I’m sure it is up to mark. And me like it.

My favorite book outta the trio was Catching Fire. And in the movies, it is the same, so far.


P.S. Yes, now that I think about it I am not really happy about the split like I was fooling myself to be. Like I was trying to be happy for the YA fandom but honestly, Mockingjay should have been more impactful.


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