Improve Your Patience By Making This One Change


Answer by Ruth E. Smithon Quora.

Play the Prefer Game.

Impatience is often a demand that things be different from what they are. These are said to oneself, almost without realizing it. They’ve become a habit.

That person is too slow, they should hurry up. I must get to work NOW. He/she shouldn’t say that to me! This package shouldn’t be so tough to open. Cooking supper shouldn’t take long.

Note how each of those has the demand should or must attached to it. These words have a tendency to increase tension.

I don’t know what pushes your impatience buttons, but if you substitute the words would prefer or rather for should, ought, and must, you will be amazed at how you relax over such things.

I would prefer that person hurry up. I would prefer to get to work sooner. I would rather he/she didn’t say that…

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