This Is the Most Pirated Movie of 2014


The Interview’s successful digital release serves as proof that people are willing to pay to legally stream movies online — the controversial flick was streamed 2 million times in its first four days online — but the industry still has to deal with rampant illegal piracy.

So what did torrent users want to see — but not pay for — the most in 2014?

Excipio, a firm that tracks online copyright infringement, found that the year’s most pirated movies (between Jan. 1 and Dec. 23) range from serious Oscar contenders (12 Years a Slave) to children’s classics (Frozen) to … Michael Bay (Transformers: Age of Extinction).

Here’s the list on Varietyof the top 20 pirated films of 2014, along with the number of times they’ve been downloaded:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street, 30.035 million
2. Frozen, 29.919 million
3. RoboCop, 29.879…

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