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Monthly Favorite(s) | January + February 2015

Hello, after a two-month hiatus.. :p How has it been going so far??? I have been busy catching up to movies and such along with tv shows and books and house-hold chores and sleep and just life in general. D:

The year is going by fast. It’s already March for God’s sake… LOL…

Anyway, these were my favorite movies from the first two months.

From January:

Voices of a Distant Star (2003) PosterMakoto Shinkai‘s VOICES OF A DISTANT STAR… I went on a watching spree for his films last year. I have one film left to watch now. It was sad, and I dunno Makoto does these heart-rending films and I just—this was freaking sad. And I loved it.

From February:

Big Hero 6 (2014) PosterAH, watched this earlier last month and freaking fell in love. It was fun, heartbreaking, fun and oh so sweet. I cried, I freaking cried these big fat tears in those last scenes. Gawddd!!!

Penguins of Madagascar (2014) PosterI didn’t think I would love this spin-off soo much. When I saw the trailers, I was excited but also wary. Anyway, watched it at the end of last month and it was freaking hilarious and just sooo cutee.

And now the shows I enjoyed the past two months…

Shameless (2011) PosterSuits (2011) PosterThe 100 (2014) PosterFreaking enjoyed watching these. And can’t wait for the already concluded ones to return (HTGAWM + Suits [freaking awesome finales]) and the others to conclude (Shameless, The 100 and Helix— great seasons so far.)

How to Get Away with Murder (2014) PosterHelix (2014) PosterBaby Daddy (2012) PosterLove this show..

You must know I love watching korean things.. and so I cant talk about my favorites w/o revealing my faves from the past two months…

Kill Me, Heal Me-p1.jpg
Kill Me Heal Me – Loving the show so far. It is funny. it is sad. It has an awesome OST. D:  Only a week’s worth of episodes left now. 😦
Healer – This show was good. Enjoyed watching it. It had a perfect balance between the romance and the comedy and the action. This ended in February.
Ho-Goo's Love-p1.jpg
Ho Goo’s Love aka Fool’s Love – AH, I am soo loving this on-going show. Love Ho Goo. And loving where the story is going. Can’t wait for more episodes. Only a month in. It is funnnnnyyyy and ridiculous (in a good way) and you cant help but feel sorry for Ho Goo but not really.

This is it.
Thanks for reading.




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