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Review | LOVE, ROSIE

Love, Rosie (2014) PosterWhen I first saw Lily teasing Love, Rosie I was so excited for it πŸ˜€ and then I saw the trailers and lost the excitement πŸ˜› but then I saw the film earlier this month and absolutely fell in LOVE. ❀

I read the book back in July of 2012. And had really enjoyed it with a tiny prob. Read my mini review. πŸ™‚

The thing is I enjoyed the movie more. I loved the chemistry between the two leads. I loved, LOVED, LOVED Lily and Sam together. I loved their acting. I loved how the movie was funnyyyyy, sad, interesting and soo very well-done. Loved the whole cast, btw.

AH, it was freaking sad this whole ordeal.. like it took them 30 years to finally be together. AH, WHAT IS LIFE? EVEN FICTIONAL LIFE. SO, the thing is I don’t think I have enjoyed any other rom-com book to movie adaptation sooo much.

Okay, this will shock some of you but I don’t Β really like Sam Claflin– yeah, I know, I dunno why I don’t but listen to this, in this film, I freaking loved him– maybe it was because he looked so good with Lily or maybe this character was soo attractive.. LOL. Or maybe, I (my eyes) finally looked. πŸ˜›

AH, want more Lily Collins– loved her in this. I had such a fun time watching this film. It was freaking lovely.

Another plus– the OST…

So, you guys, go watch this film as soon as you can. It was amazing. Favourite scene (among many others): That art gallery fight. It was hilarious. Not really. But you know what I mean– after the whole ending they get. πŸ˜‰


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