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Cry Me A River.. Not!

Hey guys! Sooo, I know I am not the only one or I might be, who knows, to have cried over a TV show or movie. I have grown more sensitive over the  years and I cry over the tinniest of emotional upheaval in a show or movie. God. LOL. 😛

Anyway, the first show I cried upon was the last episode of Prison Break–Love this show, btw–I cried like a wounded soul. It was like I had lost Michael. Goodness.

There was this Korean show, it’s one of my favorites, A Love To Kill— I cried during it’s last episode as well. I think I have mentioned this crying before. But anyway, I cired like a baby. I was like why and how and why and how could could they do this. Let them live. God.

Prison Break (2005) PosterA Love to Kill (2005) PosterGrey's Anatomy (2005) PosterBig Hero 6 (2014) Poster

How can I forget Grey’s Anatomy, I have cried during so many episodes. This show is like my ultimate favorite show.

I can’t remember any other show that has made me cry. There have been loads of movies though. The most recent can be Big Hero  6, I cried at that second to last scene. LOL. Goodness.

In Her Shoes (2005) PosterOne Day (2011) PosterMy Sister's Keeper (2009) Poster

These three contemporary films– gah, they were devastatingly beautiful and fun and they made me cry ugly tears.

I can’t think of any other drama or movie that made me cry. I was sure there were many. LOL. But these are like what I remember crying over.

Tell me what movies/tv made you cry… 😉

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