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Monthly Wrap Up | June 2015


Hey, I forgot I graduated last month with my MS degree. With my being sick, it kinda got out of my head. Haha. Which is soo weird. Anyway, whooo. It’s July soon, so boo. 😛

It’s like as the year is progressing I am not having enough time to watch films. 🙂 So, this is what I managed to see in the movie department.

I found Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Poster not that funny and I liked the first movie more. Hmmm. Don’t really have anything special to say about it. There is a third movie scheduled for 2017. And I will be watching that. I still liked this just not that much. *shrugs*  [ ]

Omg, Twenty (Korean Movie)-p1.jpg [Twenty] was soo hilarious. It’s a recent Korean film. And I don’t think I have enjoyed any Korean movie like I did this. It was soo relate-able and so funny. I loved the cast and the trio’s antics.  [ ]

This was my first time watching a Mad Max movie and I definitely liked it.  Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Poster was action packed (obvi :-P) crazyyy and just intense and soo watch-able. 😀 [ ]

The last movie for the month was an animated film– the last of the works from Mikato Shinaki– I had been on watching spree for his works since last year. Sadly, I didn’t like The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004) Poster. And I am sad that I didn’t really connect with this one. Hmm. 😦 [  ]

As for TV, I have been enjoying Baby Daddy, Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black (S03 just ended), The Fosters, Mistresses, My Mad Fat Diary [ \o/ ] in short all the other returning and new shows. I did a post on the new shows hat have caught my eye, you can check that out, here. 😛

As for Korean shows, hmm, haven’t really been following the shows actively these days. Need to catch up, though.

Have been checking out the comebacks and digging Heart Attack and Dope. And Big Bang just released another song. Been jamming to that since today. Also, digging Good For You. 😉

Well, this is it. Another month gone.

More soon.

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