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The Music Corner | BTS DOPE


If you have been following me on the blog you must know I am a huge fan of kpop and BTS has been my ultimate jam kpop band. LOL. They recently came back with another single, Dope a month after their first single, I Need U from their new album, The Most Beautiful Moments in Life.

Before I did my favorites for the month, I thought I shall do a video remark thingy. LOL.

So, I loved I Need U (the MV everything), and I have been listening to that song non stop and from the new album I already liked Dope so I was so glad they decided to make this their 2nd comeback song…

I saw the teaser photos for this comeback and I was excited and didn’t know what to expect as it is with every comeback and I knew it was gonna be good cos it’s BTS and well, they blew me away.

I loved the choreography, it was freaking DOPE. 😉 The beat is sick. Haha. And I love V’s part especially. LOL. Cos V is my bias. 😉 I love everyone of them cos they are hilarious but V is the man. 😀

So, the MV’s beginning had me all whoa– I wasn’t expecting they would shoot the video like that. I loved Rap Mon’s uniform, I would have liked them to perform in that costume but I guess it can be kinda hot in that suit with all that dancing and what not.

The guys are portraying different jobs and they are singing that while you guys were partying we were working hard and trying to get to the top and all that. The lyrics aren’t that special, if you know what I mean. but the composition ;-P and the choreography and the concept, well it ties in and me like. 😉

I didn’t really like JHope’s costume though. Jungkook looked cool as a cop.

And that part where V finishes singing and Jin bumps into him to whisper or whatever (it was weird), haha, V got scared. LOL.

I am loving that they aren’t doing it for their live performances cos well, it was fun but weird still.

I love how the video was shot, the camera work and all the dance moves and well, a dance version would be epic.

The song is stuck in my head and I have seen many reaction vids and almost all the performances. Can’t love the song enough.

Btw, they got 4 million combined views. Woohoo. In a week.

BTS rocks.. 😛

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