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Current Agenda

Hey, so this is what I have been upto..

Re-watching Reply 1997… 😄 Started watching it 2 days ago.. Only left with 2 episodes… This is my third time watching.. 😋

Reading four books at the moment (not the current moment–in general.. 😁): Revenge of Seven (part of my Yearly TBR), You Should Have Known (also part of my YTBR), Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You and I (started this a week ago 😳 but havent been actively reading :|), and lastly re-reading the Rock Chick books and I am on the second book Rock Chick Rescue… I have been tagging this re-read as #RockChickRR 😉 if you want to join in or see my progress, follow this.. Tehe.. 🙂

Hmm, in the music department, listened to some old (as in last year’s 😝) music… Set up some drama OST’s as ringtones yesternight.. 😄

And I can’t think of anything else..

Gotta go then..

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