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Monthly Wrap Up | July 2015


Sorry for the delay in this post, right as the month started there was the Booktube-A-Thon Read-A-Thon and I had to get my reading on. Which I semi-did. LOL.

Anyway, this is what I got to see during July…

I started July with Marie Antoinette (2006) Poster and quite liked it. Loved Dunst in this. [ ]

I marathon-ed rewatching Answer Me 1997-p2.jpg[Reply 1997] and had a blast. I delayed watching the last two to three eps cos it had gotten slow and a bit boring but oh well, this drama is fab regardless.  [  .75]

Chappie (2015) Poster was different. I liked it. I love robots. And an intelligent robot like Chappie, well, me like. This was sad. [ ]

I was on an android kick apparently, the next [animated] film was Hal (2013) Poster… It was sad and unlike what I thought it would be. [ ❤ .5 ]

Another apparent kick I was on was sad sci fi flicks… The Time Traveller's Wife (2009) Poster was freaking sad and it as hopeless and unfair and goodness. [ ❤ .5 ]

I had such high hopes for Begin Again (2013) Poster and I was kinda disappointed. 😦  [  ]

Yes, it was a sad movie month, LOL. Cos the next film I watched was Perfect High (2015) Poster.. I liked this a lot. A really good portrayal. [ ]

I freaking loved The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) Poster. I still have the review in drafts. 😐 Totes recommended. [  .75]

Loved S03 of Orange Is the New Black (2013) Poster.  [ ]

Other than these I re-watched Mad Max: Fury Road and Penguins if Madagascar with my mom. Had a blast. 😛

Also, in other drama stories, been loving Suits, UnReal, Teen Wolf and The Fosters. ANTM S22 is gong to be crazier by the looks of the first ep. LOL. Also, enjoying Falling Skies, KillJoys and Dark Matter.

In Korean drama, planned to not follow The Hidden Identity and My Beautiful Bride. Also, started with Yong Pal and waiting for already following shows to wrap up. I Remember You is all done. I liked it. Mask had ended. Liked that, too.

In Korean variety ended AOA’s One Fine Day and EXID’s Showtime, started following Infininty Challenge, WGM, and King of Mask Singer, Also marathon-ed Unpretty Rapstar.. Loved it. [ UnprettyRapstar8

That’s it, then.

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