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[Drama Review] I REMEMBER YOU


I Remember You began after School 2015: Who Are You ended in June.  I Remember You or Hello Monster as it is called in Korea just ended this past Tuesday and I thought I should share my thoughts about it. 😛

Hello Monster-cp.jpg Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. Cha Ji-An (Jang Na-Ra) is an elite detective. She observes Lee Hyun. They work on solving cases and develop a romantic relationship.

I started watching this because well, drama cravings.. 😉 Also, because Seo In-Guk. I ❤ him. LOL. I wasn’t really watching it because of the whole mystery factor but only cause of the two lead’s storyline. Teheh. They underplayed the whole romantic aspect of the drama and focused more on the mystery and suspense aspect which was good. I loved that they were more violent in their cases. But it was predictable. I had already guessed about the major revelations. 😝

I loved Jang Na Ra in this drama. I wasn’t really a fan of her before. I loved her character, she was funny and, oh-so-cute in some scenes. 😘

I loved D.O here. He was fab playing the young villain. Also, I am a fan of In-Guk more now. He can surely act. He looked a bit demure because of his role but nonetheless I like him. I loved the guy who would call In-Guk ‘Dave’. 😄

I thought the Team Leader’s role was unnecessary. 😁

I loved the last few ep with the bromance. Those scenes. Gah. 💛 Especially when they finally reunited. OMG. 😍 And then–I love Min, btw.. 😉 Anyway I cried in the last episode when that happened. 😒 And as I said the cases weren’t that good for me. I wasn’t really interested in them but nonetheless they were a-okay. *shrugs*  😫

I love this poster, btw. Don’t really like the official poster. I guess I don’t really like In-Guk there. Overall it is a good poster but well, this one down below is daebak.. 😚

This drama was funny with underlying serious themes, it is a crime drama so there’s that. 😋 I believed the sudden elevation in the lead’s relationship status in the last ep was kinda unnecessary but. oh well, the plot does say they develop a romantic relationship soo.. I liked it but, you know, okay I will stop. 😂

I loved the if-that-hadn’t-happened-this-would-have-been-our-life scene in the last episode.👌 We always tend to do that. That was so relate-able. 🙂

I enjoyed this drama while it lasted.. And if someone asks me about this drama I will say it was a good drama. I was left with warm memories. I did feel like I knew these characters. And that’s always a good thing about a drama. 😍



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P.S. I use AsianWiki for all the images for Korean shows and such…

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