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[Season Talk] Daredevil Season 2


I wanted to review the first season of Daredevil last year but I never got round to it. I loved it so much and it had me anticipating the second season really bad.


Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.


So, I was plenty excited. It had The Punisher and Elektra’s story arc and knowing how Season 1 was I was definitely psyched and knew it was going to be glorious.

What I was anticipating:

  • More Mr. Fisk drama
  • Matt and Karen
  • Elektra
  • The Punisher

With the first three episodes my anxiety levels had all risen and my love for the show was at an epic high but I was still a bit hesitant anticipating Elektra’s return.


I thought I would love the Elektra bits more but I liked the The Punisher bits more.. 😀

Anyway, it was all good. I loved the casting. I loved the camera work [it was more epic], the action sequences, the level of violence/goriness was so much higher. Goodness.. SMH..


Okay, so let’s break it down.

The Punisher:

This arc in Daredevil’s story was done sooo epically great. I loved his storyline and Jon Brenthal as The Punisher was just one damn good thing. I loved this whole thing. When our old villain showed up. Like I love that guy.

Mr. Fisk:

Well, I thought we will be seeing him but then my attenton was all on you know the new guys. But Mr. Fisk is one well done character. He just is soo scary and just he has such command. Bravo. Bravo.


First of all, omg, the character playing her is sooo pretty. I was enthralled by her beauty. I sometimes didn’t like the way she was talking though that might be her character but oh well. The one thing I didn’t like when they it was revealed who she really was. I didn’t really like that bit. I didn’t really fall for that.

The Ninjas:

Freaking cool and creepy and soo good. And it was so good to hear Japanese. Loved that. And those people they saved.. Creeeppppyyy.. And dunno what’s at play there.

Karen was freaking great. Love her soo much. Guys, guys, if you have seen Jessica Jones, her name was dropped this season and dude there is another connection. Omg. Soo excited for that. Ahhhh.  Foggy was great. I felt sad for this trio this season, btw.

Sooo, I think Season 1 was absolutely great cos like I loved everything about it. This season was great as well but it still made me wary of a thing or two.

But I do understand what’s at play here, they can expand more in the upcoming seasons.

I love this show and I suggest you guys get on it if you still haven’t.

It has a great cast with an awesome storyline and the world building is flawless..  Just love this show..

Thanks for the awesome acting and flawless action sequences and camera work.

Bravo to everyone for creating this amazing show.

Rating:4 EYES.75

Did you watch it already?? How did you like it??? Lemme know.. 😉


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