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[Season Talk] The X-Files S10


I was so excited for this renewal of The X-Files but I think it wasn’t really that great. Only the first and the sixth episode really gave us any answers. But, oh well, it did its job. We were revealed of the truth by these two episodes. It might be a conspiracy within a conspiracy but that is what’s really happening.


Mulder and Scully both looked sooo old in the first episode especially Mulder. Mulder looked better in the second episode.

Anyway, episode 4 was really creepy but a-okay in that meh sense. And ep 3 was just a plain filler.. But I think all the other eps were too.

So, a big yawn for this season. Woohooo…

But there was a complete truth in this with some befuddles…

Because conspiracy theories. And that cliffhanger ending. Okay. So yeah, I want that next season, then. Haha. In.My.Face! I.Know.

Rating:2 EYES.25 Maybe.

Did you watch this season? What did you think?


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