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[Movie Review] The Girl on the Train

When I heard The Girl on the Train was being made into a film with Emily Blunt I got the book asap. In this case it was a gift from my brother.. But I still didnt get to it. I read it only after the trailer was released and had to stop myself from watching it. I got to reading the book finally. My husband read this book along with me. He finished it before me though which was a bummer.

I loved the book but the ending sort of was anticlimatic for me (but trust me the ending is perfect) and I knew the movie would make me like it.. 

I watched the trailer after and I liked it okay. I was just excited for the film and meanwhile thrust the book to two of my sister-in-laws. They loved the book, btw. 😋

Anyway, back to the movie. I am so surprised to actually really like this movie. Have you guys read Before I Go to Sleep and watched its movie adaptation with Nicole Kidman in it? That was the worst film adaptation for a thriller that I have ever seen. I really didnot like that movie. Like I had found the book okay so I was like maybe I will like the movie more but I hated the movie more than the book. Le sigh.

This movie adaptation though. Fantastic.

Cast: 4/5
Acting: 5/5 (Everybody was so good. Emily especially. She was so into her character.)
Direction: 4/5
Attention Span: 5/5 (it had me completely hooked right from the start.)
Book Adaptation: 4/5
Ending: 5/5

I simply loved the film and it made me remember the book. And I loved everyone. Emily was so great and just whoa I really felt for her. Everything was epic..

If you havent read the book, read it! If you havent seen the film, watch it! Read the book before you watch the film or you can read it after. Cos you will like the film Im sure. Just go into it without any expectations cos them expectations can bring everything down. Haha.



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