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Mental Stress

Hello, it’s been a while.. How are you all doing?? I hope you are all doing great. As for me, I have been better mentally and physically.

But I am getting there. Soon. I hope.

Mental Stress it can cause a healthy person to derail their lifestyle..

Remember when I had that foot accident..?!? My foot is all healed now. I still experience pain normally though but it will soon subside. In sha Allah. And I still cant wear heels cos the pain persists. Anyway, I started this draft (May 16 of 2016) when my foot injury was five and a half months old. šŸ˜‘ And I never completed it due to lack of time, and well stress. Lol.

I still am one decision away cos I still tend to take stress. I am in my second trimester alhamdulilah and the problems that one has while living in a non neutral family can sometimes be heaving. 

But it isnt all bad alhamdulilah but letting it affect you sure is. And I always forget that I should…

“… Understand that it’s a choice to let things affect you…”

People have it harder than me. And I am so lucky to have a supporting family on both sides and a supporting man. Alhamdulilah. 

It’s a long way but I am learning day by day to stop fearing mankind and to trust Allah more and more. He will make everything right because that’s he has been doing for me so far. šŸ˜Š

And I am willing to tackle those difficulties and learn to be more wise and brave.

That is the truth. I dont need to prove my good intentions to anyone. My Lord knows that my intentions are pure and I only want love and happiness and genuiness and to be able to trust and not be judged. But it is what it is. 

Not really but sometines I do need to let it go. Haha. 

All pictures taken from Pinterest. 


P.S. I know this was a freaking subscripted post. Lol.


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