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[Season Review] SHADOWHUNTERS S02



This season was soo much better than the first season. The winter finale in itself was so great.

It still isn’t that faithful to the book but overall it is going great. I like that they can use the whole series so the producers have full reign over what they put in and don’t put in. And how they put it in. ❤

The Breakdown:
Cast: 3/5
Acting: 3/5
Direction: 3.5/5
Plot/Story-line: 4/5
Adaptation: 3/5
Attention Span: 3/5
Ending: 4/5

Some people have been complaining about how Clary wasn’t devastated about losing Jase. Haha. I kinda loved that about this version of her. And I liked that we got to see Clary and Simon together.

I somewhat liked this season I am actually more willing to watch what they come up with in the upcoming season because we are done with the major reveal from book 1. So yeah… Excited.


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