A-Z Challenge | Movies [Yr. 2015]

Soooo, yeahhh… I failed the challenge. Haha.

Hey, I decided to do a A-Z challenge for movies– I have been keeping tags through my notebook. I wanted to officially post it here.

Final Status: 19/26

A – Accidental Love
B – Big Hero 6
C – The Chamber of Secrets
D – The Deathly Hallows
E – Everest
F – Fifty Shades of Grey
G – The Goblet of Fire
H – Hangar 10
I – The Imitation Game
J – Jurassic World
K – Kingsman The Secret Service
L – Lemon Tree Passage
M – Magic in the Moonlight
N –
O – The Order of the Phoenix
P – The Philosopher’s Stone
Q –
R –
S – St. Vincent
T – Tusk
U –
V –
W – Wildcard
X – Mad Max: Fury Road
Y –
Z –


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