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Mental Stress

Hello, it's been a while.. How are you all doing?? I hope you are all doing great. As for me, I have been better mentally and physically. But I am getting there. Soon. I hope. Mental Stress it can cause a healthy person to derail their lifestyle.. Remember when I had that foot accident..?!? My… Continue reading Mental Stress

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My Fortuitous Non-Blogging Life

Hello, I dont know for how long I have been gone this past year but I know it is not acceptable in the blog world and personally I am ashamed as well. To start things out well I would finally like to setup a schedule so that my blogging and personal life are managed. I want… Continue reading My Fortuitous Non-Blogging Life

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…Go to the Restroom by Themselves

Friends Don't Let Friends...

It’s the rare individual indeed who recollects her own potty-training.  Like the trip through the birth canal (a trauma we mercifully have no conscious memories of), the agonies of learning to relieve ourselves in the toilet rather than the diaper go largely un-noted when we re-tell the days of our lives. Sadly, this isn’t true of our mothers, who must find it enormously therapeutic to regale friends at large dinner parties about the frustrations and messes and indignities they themselves suffered while their little ones transitioned from Pampers to big girl panties. It might have something to do with having endured the traumas of actually owning the birth canal that those babies passed through, now I think of it. I, myself, may or may not have found it necessary to shock and awe my own cadre of friend-moms with my tales of woe in which twin boys scoffed at the promise…

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